Sunday, 10 August 2014

Geordie Shore Girls Holly and Marnie Reveal New Collaborations!

Reality TV – love it or hate it, it has definitely made an impact on modern day television! Personally – I love it! I confess, it’s my guilty pleasure – I love the drama, the gossip and the craziness of it all! Especially – and possibly the most crazy reality show of them all - Geordie Shore!
With series 8 of the record breaking MTV show currently hitting our TV screens, I am once again caught up in the outrageous world of the party-hard Geordie guys and girls!! So, when I received an email with details of two of the Geordie lasses most recent collaborations, I was only too happy to share with you all.
Holly Hagan – one of the original cast members of the show – has posed for her fashion collection Summer Holiday Additions with online retailer, The 22 year old Middlesbrough lass played homage to the 13 year old smash hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, in her latest shoot for the range, striking a pose reminiscent of the famous Kylie Minogue track, which topped the UK charts for a whole month.

Showing her curves in all the right places, Holly’s figure is unrecognisable from the girl that entered Geordie Shore series 1, just 2 years ago.  
Holly’s latest range claims to be more “real” compared to her usual outrageous style, with the star stating: “I struggle looking at old pictures of myself, I used to think I looked great on a night out with my 5 pairs of eyelashes, skimpy PVC skirt and 1 leather glove, but in reality, I looked like a baby elephant!” 
“My look this series will shock a lot of people. I’ve ditched the rainbow coloured hair, for some more natural brown tones, and I’ve been working overtime in the gym, as well as getting help with my diet. 
“With I really needed to make a Summer wardrobe that fitted real girls, after all I have to model it, and there’s no way I’d fit into clothes which didn’t allow for a womanly shape. My Mam jokes that I’ve the perfect child baring body, but that doesn’t help trying to fit into some of the stupidly tight clothes on the high street.”
With that in mind, the range features something suitable for a wide variety of girls, both in size and price! Holly adds:
“The range has sizes from 6 to 26 in selected items, and prices start from £8.99 so there is something for everyone. 
“This Summer, for the first time since I was a child, I think I’ll be able to enjoy myself on the beach and not be totally embarrassed about my figure, and that feels good.”
My top pick has to be the HollyHagan Keyhole Backless Jumpsuit In Black - simple and sexy – perfect for a girls night out!

(Screenshot Image c/o £32.99

Now on to Geordie Shore's series 7 new girl Marnie Simpson’s more unique collaboration. Marnie recently revealed she is an avid wearer of coloured cosmetic contact lenses. In fact, she is a natural brown-eyed-girl but likes to experiment with different eye colours to achieve different looks.

She has teamed up with to have her own choices of colours, including pure blue, sea green and misty grey. The important factor for Marnie is that they look 100% nautral:

Marnie's admits: 

"It is so important for me to only have lenses which look 100% natural in my range. There's no point in having striking eyes if everyone can see they're clearly not real. 

"It took me so long to find the right contact lenses! I was so frustrated wearing really unformatble, irritating, expensive and unnatural looking lenses and so when I found the perfect lenses with I was so happy.

"I would often get complimented for my lovely pure blue eyes, and would just smile and agree. No one would be able to tell.

"I worked hard with the design team and everything on the site I'm very proud of. 

"We also worked hard to get the shape and makeup of the lenses correct so that they're extremely comfortable to wear in the eye, as in the past I've worn lenses that really irritated."

Marnie's range includes: 

* Sea Green
* Light Hazel
* Misty Grey
* Pure Blue
* Pure Violet

With a 1 year life after first use, Marnie's lenses are amazing value from just £12.99 with free delivery – not bad!

Being a brown eyed girl myself, I am happy with my natural eye colour but like the idea of experimenting! I’ve always liked the thought of having green eyes so I may try the Sea Green – I think it will also be interesting how many of my friends will notice the change!

Would you ever think of getting cosmetic lenses- what colour would you go for?

As always, comments are welcome! Speak soon...


Monday, 10 March 2014

Hello Again! And Hello to Missguided's New Collaboration!

It's been a long time since I sat down to write a blog post but after a pretty hectic year last year with lots of ups and downs, I think I needed to take a big step back from everything! I had gotten to a point were blogging started feeling like an extra pressure - another thing on my todo list rather than being an enjoyable outlet to share the things I love or have an interest in. I was spending the little free time time I had typing away on my laptop and felt like I never spent anytime with friends or family. I think this started to show in my blogging style as well, with time in between posts being further and further apart and the content being more about throwing some images up rather than having any writing (which was one of the main reasons I got into blogging in the first place!)

Although life is still busy, it is very different to how things were a year ago. I graduated from University last July and was lucky enough to start my first full time job in Marketing last August. I love the job, its a lot of work and constantly on the go but it definitely doesn't get boring! I am really lucky to be working in Marketing so soon after finishing Uni and it definitely proves hard work pays off!! It is in the Education sector which is obviously a little different to the fashion industry that I ultimately want to work within, but the knowledge and experience I am gaining is fantastic!

As much as I love the job, lately I have been missing my connection with the fashion world. I no longer work in retail, my precious access to WGSN is no more (sob!) and other than my monthly dose of Vogue & Elle I am starting to have serious fashion withdrawals! I started to feel a pull towards blogging again, so here I am!

So - for my first post back I thought I would share some of my top picks from the new celebrity collaboration that I am most excited about!

Hot online retailer, Missguided have teamed up with non other than the 'Schermazing' Nicole Scherzinger for an explosive new collaboration Nicole x Missguided...

Click on the image above to check out the preview video for the launch...
I have been a fan of Missguided for a long time now. Their fresh, vibrant style, their affordable prices and the fact they are a brand that originated close to home in the North West have made them one of my favourite online retailers. I even worked as an intern for them a couple of years ago at Manchester Fashion Week and seeing how lovely everyone was behind the scenes at Missguided HQ just reinforced for me, what a fabulous brand they really are!

This new collaboration marks an exciting step forward for the brand - launching with such a big name and may even be paving the way for more fabulous collaborations with our favourite online retailers (fingers crossed!)

So here are my top five picks from the new collection:

A cool mix of faux leather and cut out panels makes this jumpsuit a seriously hot contender in the style stakes! At £50 this is actually one of the pricier items from the range, but definitely worth every penny!

I love, love LOVE this! The halter neck on this jumpsuit is totally flattering and the simple monochrome style teamed with the plunging neckline gives this outfit the right mix of class and sex appeal - the perfect look for a few cocktails with the girls, all for just £45!

Besides lusting after the convertible in this shot - I am totally getting on board with the mesh panelling to mix up this black crop top and pencil skirt number. The fishnet panelling is a nod towards the sports luxe trend that is going to be big for the Spring/Summer 2014 season - (which you can also see represented in the fishnet sleeved crop tops in the Nicole x range). Fishnet crop top: £20, Midi Skirt with Fishnet Hem detail: £20.

Cobalt blue is the key colour in this range, featuring across a series of signature styles adding a serious colour injection to the entire collection. Another figure hugging body con dress at £45, with some serious cut out panels will be motivating me to stick with my morning sit up routine (or at least start one...!)

White can be a tricky colour to pull off - especially with my pale skin tone! However, it is the perfect shade as summer approaches, and I am hoping after my early holidays in May, I will have a lovely golden glow to carry me through our British Summer - and this will be the dress to set it off. I also love how the mesh panelling detail accentuates curves to really define the hourglass female shape and at just £35 this is an absolute steal!

Now I'm just faced with the dilemma of which one I buy first...!?

What do you think of the collection? Let me know what your favourite look is I'd love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Liverpool Fashion Week: Opening Night

Fashion has hit the North West in a massive way this month! What with Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Manchester last week it was the turn of my own home city to fly the fashion flag!

Monday saw the launch of Liverpool Fashion Week- the biggest fashion event with more catwalk shows than any other outside of London Fashion Week! 

There are lots of misconceptions related to Liverpool Fashion with many thinking it is all about over the top scouse style -- scouse brow anyone? However- Liverpool Fashion Week truly shakes off the stereotype as LLFW director and editor of Lifestyle Magazine, Amanda Moss stating: 

"Liverpool Fashion Week is edgy, off the wall and elegant. if you are thinking big hair, lip gloss and 4 layers of false lashes symbolic of the WAG/reality TV culture then think again. That is not what Liverpool Fashion Week is about. Our fabulous city is making its stamp on the world's fashion stage with our eclectic and diverse collections from some of the most talented people in the industry. Liverpool is the one to watch."

I was delighted to be contacted by LLFW's  sponsors Lambrini to attend the opening night of the event and it did not disappoint! Obviously their was fabulous fashion on the catwalk- LLFW is a great place to see new emerging talent- but there was also live music, make-over's by the "Glambrini" girls and of course refreshments from the Lambrini bar! It was nice to get a fun fashion fix to banish my Monday blues!!

Love this! I'm a sucker for a floral number!

Eye-popping, highlighter shades could be big news in Liverpool next Summer!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Vogue's Fashion Night Out- Manchester

I'm baaaack!

So last you heard of me I was awaiting my graduation from University and I thought I would finally be getting some low down time to concentrate on my blog and take things easy before finding full time work-- how wrong was I!!

I have SO much to tell you that I really don't know where to begin- so I thought rather than overload you with everything at once I'll start with what I got up to just last night!

For any northern, fashion loving, shopaholic, Vogue obsessed individual there was only one place to be last night and that was of course Manchester for Vogue's Fashion Night Out! This is the first time the global style event has taken place in the North and in my opinion it did not disappoint!

With a whole host of famous fashion faces attended the event including designers Matthew Williamson, and Henry Holland. Jameela Jamil took over the Selfridges sound system and DJ'd throughout the evening whilst Harvey Nichols set up style huts for celebrities such as MIC's Jamie Laing and designers and contemporary artists such as Jacky Tsai recreating his floral skull design on T-Shirts for shoppers live in store!

Each store had their own unique way of celebrating the event and getting involved- Topshop played host to Vogue's own creative director Kate Phelan who gave a new season trend talk and edit to budding fashionistas. The Arndale cntre held various fashion shows throughout the night and there were discounts and competitions galore-- it really was an evening of pure shopping delight.

Radio One's Jameela Jamil DJ'd in Selfridges

Jameela was happy to pose with fans!


Vogue's Creative Director Kate Phelan

Tasty Cadbury Treats were on offer in Manchester Arndale!

Harvey Nichols celebrated VFNO and their 10th Birthday with giant board games!

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