Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Movember Shaving Party!

As we should all know by now, the month of November has become all about MOvember, the charity movement that has swept the globe encouraging guys to grow the best Tashes they can in support of cancer research- specifically those that affect men such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Last night I became a true 'Mo Sista' and attended the Movember Monday Shaving Off Party to celebrate all the 'Mo Bros' out there and of course their fabulous facial hair!

The event took place at 62 Castle Street Bar and Restaurant in Liverpool's City Centre in conjunction with White Haus Hair & Beauty. Chris Johnson White from E4's series Desperate Scousewives, who owns White Haus with his partner Mark, attended the event and hosted a competition to find who had grown the best moustaches for the top prize- 'Miss Movember'- and some free teeth whitening at their salon! (Just to clarify- Miss Movember was in fact a man!) I have not yet visited the salon, but my hair is in dire need of a chop so may check it out soon!

We were greeted into the venue by friendly staff all of whom were sporting a Tash of course! (Even the ladies!) Plus plenty of free wine and prosecco along with live music followed by a live DJ set. We were also treated to some lovely canapes later in the evening and- my favourite treat of the night- Moustache shaped biscuits.. yum!

I had a really good evening and was definitely impressed by the efforts made by all who organised the event. It was also for a really good cause and with December looming it is almost over for another year- but there is still time to donate! Check out the Movember website to find out more on how to make a donation, sponsor a Mo-Grower or how to get involved next year!  

Live Music 

Fun and Friendly Staff!

Top Secret blend..Movember Cocktail

Tash On-- No one was left out of the fun


Who else has been involved in Movember this year?? I'd love to see some of the best moustaches out there so feel free to share!!

Also, follow up posts on the She Said Beauty box goodies will be coming this week along with more on #MCRFW of course!

...but right now I will say Ciao Fallowers!

Much Love Xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Special Delivery!.... She Said Beauty!

It feels like a while since I did a post dedicated to all things Beauty, but the delivery of my first ever SheSaidBeauty box remedied this!

As much as I love my beauty products, I can be a bit of a wimp when it comes to the crunch of actually getting new ones! And I know what you are thinking, why not just go and get some free samples? Well I try... I really try, but once I get lured in by the lovely girl at the counter who has done my makeup so nicely and told me how AMAZING the latest mascara in their collection is, I feel obligated to BUY. Then before I know it I am left with clumpy lashes and an overdraft to pay off, so I find it easier to steer clear!

Thankfully, I am now a subscriber to SheSaidBeauty, a new site that allows you to create your own beauty profile, you can follow other beauty profiles and bloggers and check out reviews on lots of different products. And, just like Glossy Box, She Said Beauty compiles a box for you every month with 5 different samples to play with! They base the products chosen on some basic information you fill out when creating your account such as Skin Type, Hair Colour, General Intersts etc. to try and provide the best beauty goodies for you!

So, the other day when my sister text me... "You have a parcel" I couldn't wait to get home and find out what goodies were in store! And, what was waiting for me didn't dissapoint!

 (Apologies for the sizing of the images! I usually try to make them as big as possible but lately blogger does not want to play ball!! Anyone else come accross this problem on blogger? If you have or have a solution, please feel free to comment or get in touch!)
So anyway, what do you make of the beauty box? FAB right?
I loved the packaging, it really madde me excited for what was inside and will be great for general storage in my room! I am a bit of a haorder so am always looking for things to keep my bits and bobs in, and think this will make a great new jewellery box!
The actual beauty goodies include:
  • A Yardley perfume sample 
  • Makebelieve Enhance Lipgloss
  • Redken Shampoo and Conditioner Samples
  • SO...? Brit (Remember them?!)
  • Murray's Manicures Nail Files
Not a bad little selection I thought! My favourite has to be the 'Murray's Manicures' Nail File kit, simply because Murray is in fact my surname, nice little personal touch! I am also loving being reconnected to the 'SO...?' brand! I have not used there body spray for years now and it used to be a staple in my bag. The scent of the 'SO...? Brit' is lovely, and the sample size of the bottle great for carrying around!

I want to give the samples a thorough testing before I actually review them so I will aim to do a little post on each item next week!

A subscription to She Said Beauty costs £9.00 plus £2.95 for postage- not bad and a cheaper alternative to the better known Glossy Box! The site is also really inspirational and allows you to find what other beauty bloggers are raving about too.

Alls I can say is... roll on the December Beauty Box!!

Anyone else a subscriber?? Share your thoughts!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Workwear Wednesday! #MCRFW

Every Wednesday the Manchester Fashion Week 2013 website and bloggers will be hosting Workwear Wednesday featuring some of the best dressed offices in the North to provide us all with some style inspiration!

I also noticed this week that the guys over at #MCRFW HQ have been sharing the love for the one and only jewellery brand Jon Richard! I am of course already a fan as I am currently on a PR placement at the Jon Richard head office in Manchester, helping out the lovely PR ladies with their demanding workload! I also bagged a job at their Liverpool concession in Debenhams (...love jewellery much??) so I know the brand inside out and it is great to see them getting some much deserved recognition! (Psssst.... They also have a massive sale on right now to coincide with Debenhams Mega Week Sale! At least 20% off all ranges! Snap up some Christmas bargains early!) 

Check out what #MCRFW had to say about them here.

Now, getting back to my post, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share the type of outfit I would wear to a day at the office! 

In these difficult times- talks of double dip recession, unpaid placements, possibility of retirement in our golden years seeming like an impossible dream! - we are having to work ourselves that little bit harder! But its not just us having to go that extra mile- our wardrobes are feeling it too!!

At the moment a lot of thought has to go into my outfits as I am sometimes going straight from one commitment to another and need to find something 'neutral' to carry me right through. A perfect example is this Friday, I am in the office all day, on the concession in the evening and possibly will drop into the boyfriends after my shift. Normally, that would provide me with the opportunity to create 3 different outfits, but as I am literally going from one to the other (and do not fancy lugging my wardrobe with me!) I have to choose wisely! 

To get me through the day with minimal effort on the outfit front I have gone with the following...

 Dogtooth Shirt, New Look Charcoal Skirt,  H&M, Studded Shoes, Matalan, Statement Necklace, Dorothy Perkins

The outfit is lacking a little in colour- I admit- but I shall blame that on the department stores dress code! However, it is the perfect base to dress up or down! For the office I will brighten it up with a nice bag and a blazer, and for the boyfriends I will just swap the studded flats for some nice ankle boots.... and VOILA! 

1 outfit x 3!

Now over to you Fallowers! Who else is having to multi-task their looks? Share your ideas, I would love to hear them! 

Much Love! Xxx  

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Exciting News... #MCRFW 2013!

Last night I posted that I would have an exciting announcement to make, and boy do I!

I have been DYING to share this for a little while now and I am really, really excited!!!

.... drumroll please....

Fashion Fallows has been selected by Manchester Fashion Week organisers as one of their influential blogs for 2013- meaning I will be covering the event next March! Amazing, right?!

I was so honoured to be approached to do this as it is such a fantastic event and showcases some of the best fashion brands and talent that the North has got to offer! Being a nothern girl myself, I am in full support of anything that showcases the awesome fashion talent we have up here!

I actually took part in MCR Fashion Week 2012, helping out last years sponsors Missguided during their fashion show and it was an incredible day! I got to see some amazing clothes and everyone who attended the event really enjoyed themselves! Of course last year I was technically working so didn't get to see as many of the catwalk shows as I would have liked, so I am SO excited to be coming to the 2013 event as a guest and be able to take everything in!

Check out this video of the 2012 event to get an idea of what MCRFW 2013 has in store!

I hope you are all just as excited as me!!
I can reveal that the Makeup Sponsors for 2013 will be Lancome - Love it! And that tickets for this event will be on sale sometime in December (dates to be confirmed.)
In the run up to this event I will be dedicating at least one blog post a week to all things #MCRFW related, so expect lots of new and exciting blog posts in the future!
If you do want some more info on the event right now then head over to their website and check out what promotions they have going on right now! They have fabulous daily themes under their 'Yours Fashionably' campaign, such as Model Monday (Trust me... you will want to check this out- Hawwt men alert!) and many more. Today (and every Thursday) they will be featuring their #MCRFW Street Style, so if you need some style inspo then check out what the stylish ladies of Manchester are rocking today! Or why not get involved yourself and share your streetstyle?! Take to Instagram and snap yourself with the hashtag #MCRFW and my username @Kate_Muzza and I will retweet my Favourites on twitter! Or leave your comments below and tell me what you are wearing today and from where, I'd love to hear from you!  
Much Love Xxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Confessions of a bad blogger: Part Two!

Ok..... So... I have been AWOL from the blogging scene for a loooong time now! Over two months in fact- which is just NOT acceptable, so this post is starting off with a big sorry to any Fallowers out there who have missed reading my little ramblings!

My apology in writing! (How cute are the Accessorize post its!)

I do promise that it was not just me being lazy or losing interest in the blog (far from it!) I have simply just been a very busy bee! My last post was the very end of August-- which meant one thing.... The return to Uni! So I have literally been swamped with deadlines. Not only that, my new job was taking up masses of my free time and with my placement on top I was finding it a tad difficult to juggle and as a result Fashion Fallows has suffered! However, I am determined to get it back on track, although my blogging skills are a little rusty so please bear with me!

I do have something very exciting to announce so please keep your eyes peeled for my next post as it is definitely something that will interest all fashion lovers out there!

And I promise you will not need to wait more than 24 hours!!

As a little parting gift I thought I would do a quick review of a website that I have recently discovered! One of my Uni projects when I returned in September, was to create some personalised business cards based on future trends. I chose to look at the Ombre trend which will still be massive next Spring/Summer season!... FUTURE TREND ALERT!....I also looked at a treasure hunter trend which is going to be more of an A/W 14 trend (I will go more indepth with these trends at a later date!)

I used photography and editing on Photoshop/Illustrator to create the designs for my cards so they were completely personalised by myself. I then uploaded them to a fantastic website called MOO !
In the past when I have need to create businesses cards I have always used Vistaprint as it is supposed to be a cheaper alternative, but by the time all of the add ons have added up, you end up paying an absolute fortune! MOO, on the otherhand was brilliant- you can upload up to 50 different design covers for your cards and not pay a penny more than the stated price!! And starting from just £10.99 for 50, I think you get really good value for your money! It was also so easy to use, you simply upload your chosen designs, create a profile on the back and send to print and you will soon be the proud owner of your own set of business cards! The quality is great- I was so pleased as they had such a proffessional finish!

They also offer other printing services including postcards and even greetings cards, so if you want to make your Christmas cards that little bit extra special this year and design them yourself I would highly recommend this site! I would note, however, the delivery can take up to around 7 days or more, depending on your delivery method and when you order it so do be careful if you need anything delivered for a certain date!

Check out my cards and as always I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ombre Inspired cards

Treasure Hunter inspired cards

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