Thursday, 8 November 2012

Exciting News... #MCRFW 2013!

Last night I posted that I would have an exciting announcement to make, and boy do I!

I have been DYING to share this for a little while now and I am really, really excited!!!

.... drumroll please....

Fashion Fallows has been selected by Manchester Fashion Week organisers as one of their influential blogs for 2013- meaning I will be covering the event next March! Amazing, right?!

I was so honoured to be approached to do this as it is such a fantastic event and showcases some of the best fashion brands and talent that the North has got to offer! Being a nothern girl myself, I am in full support of anything that showcases the awesome fashion talent we have up here!

I actually took part in MCR Fashion Week 2012, helping out last years sponsors Missguided during their fashion show and it was an incredible day! I got to see some amazing clothes and everyone who attended the event really enjoyed themselves! Of course last year I was technically working so didn't get to see as many of the catwalk shows as I would have liked, so I am SO excited to be coming to the 2013 event as a guest and be able to take everything in!

Check out this video of the 2012 event to get an idea of what MCRFW 2013 has in store!

I hope you are all just as excited as me!!
I can reveal that the Makeup Sponsors for 2013 will be Lancome - Love it! And that tickets for this event will be on sale sometime in December (dates to be confirmed.)
In the run up to this event I will be dedicating at least one blog post a week to all things #MCRFW related, so expect lots of new and exciting blog posts in the future!
If you do want some more info on the event right now then head over to their website and check out what promotions they have going on right now! They have fabulous daily themes under their 'Yours Fashionably' campaign, such as Model Monday (Trust me... you will want to check this out- Hawwt men alert!) and many more. Today (and every Thursday) they will be featuring their #MCRFW Street Style, so if you need some style inspo then check out what the stylish ladies of Manchester are rocking today! Or why not get involved yourself and share your streetstyle?! Take to Instagram and snap yourself with the hashtag #MCRFW and my username @Kate_Muzza and I will retweet my Favourites on twitter! Or leave your comments below and tell me what you are wearing today and from where, I'd love to hear from you!  
Much Love Xxx

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