Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Workwear Wednesday! #MCRFW

Every Wednesday the Manchester Fashion Week 2013 website and bloggers will be hosting Workwear Wednesday featuring some of the best dressed offices in the North to provide us all with some style inspiration!

I also noticed this week that the guys over at #MCRFW HQ have been sharing the love for the one and only jewellery brand Jon Richard! I am of course already a fan as I am currently on a PR placement at the Jon Richard head office in Manchester, helping out the lovely PR ladies with their demanding workload! I also bagged a job at their Liverpool concession in Debenhams ( jewellery much??) so I know the brand inside out and it is great to see them getting some much deserved recognition! (Psssst.... They also have a massive sale on right now to coincide with Debenhams Mega Week Sale! At least 20% off all ranges! Snap up some Christmas bargains early!) 

Check out what #MCRFW had to say about them here.

Now, getting back to my post, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share the type of outfit I would wear to a day at the office! 

In these difficult times- talks of double dip recession, unpaid placements, possibility of retirement in our golden years seeming like an impossible dream! - we are having to work ourselves that little bit harder! But its not just us having to go that extra mile- our wardrobes are feeling it too!!

At the moment a lot of thought has to go into my outfits as I am sometimes going straight from one commitment to another and need to find something 'neutral' to carry me right through. A perfect example is this Friday, I am in the office all day, on the concession in the evening and possibly will drop into the boyfriends after my shift. Normally, that would provide me with the opportunity to create 3 different outfits, but as I am literally going from one to the other (and do not fancy lugging my wardrobe with me!) I have to choose wisely! 

To get me through the day with minimal effort on the outfit front I have gone with the following...

 Dogtooth Shirt, New Look Charcoal Skirt,  H&M, Studded Shoes, Matalan, Statement Necklace, Dorothy Perkins

The outfit is lacking a little in colour- I admit- but I shall blame that on the department stores dress code! However, it is the perfect base to dress up or down! For the office I will brighten it up with a nice bag and a blazer, and for the boyfriends I will just swap the studded flats for some nice ankle boots.... and VOILA! 

1 outfit x 3!

Now over to you Fallowers! Who else is having to multi-task their looks? Share your ideas, I would love to hear them! 

Much Love! Xxx  

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