Monday, 10 March 2014

Hello Again! And Hello to Missguided's New Collaboration!

It's been a long time since I sat down to write a blog post but after a pretty hectic year last year with lots of ups and downs, I think I needed to take a big step back from everything! I had gotten to a point were blogging started feeling like an extra pressure - another thing on my todo list rather than being an enjoyable outlet to share the things I love or have an interest in. I was spending the little free time time I had typing away on my laptop and felt like I never spent anytime with friends or family. I think this started to show in my blogging style as well, with time in between posts being further and further apart and the content being more about throwing some images up rather than having any writing (which was one of the main reasons I got into blogging in the first place!)

Although life is still busy, it is very different to how things were a year ago. I graduated from University last July and was lucky enough to start my first full time job in Marketing last August. I love the job, its a lot of work and constantly on the go but it definitely doesn't get boring! I am really lucky to be working in Marketing so soon after finishing Uni and it definitely proves hard work pays off!! It is in the Education sector which is obviously a little different to the fashion industry that I ultimately want to work within, but the knowledge and experience I am gaining is fantastic!

As much as I love the job, lately I have been missing my connection with the fashion world. I no longer work in retail, my precious access to WGSN is no more (sob!) and other than my monthly dose of Vogue & Elle I am starting to have serious fashion withdrawals! I started to feel a pull towards blogging again, so here I am!

So - for my first post back I thought I would share some of my top picks from the new celebrity collaboration that I am most excited about!

Hot online retailer, Missguided have teamed up with non other than the 'Schermazing' Nicole Scherzinger for an explosive new collaboration Nicole x Missguided...

Click on the image above to check out the preview video for the launch...
I have been a fan of Missguided for a long time now. Their fresh, vibrant style, their affordable prices and the fact they are a brand that originated close to home in the North West have made them one of my favourite online retailers. I even worked as an intern for them a couple of years ago at Manchester Fashion Week and seeing how lovely everyone was behind the scenes at Missguided HQ just reinforced for me, what a fabulous brand they really are!

This new collaboration marks an exciting step forward for the brand - launching with such a big name and may even be paving the way for more fabulous collaborations with our favourite online retailers (fingers crossed!)

So here are my top five picks from the new collection:

A cool mix of faux leather and cut out panels makes this jumpsuit a seriously hot contender in the style stakes! At £50 this is actually one of the pricier items from the range, but definitely worth every penny!

I love, love LOVE this! The halter neck on this jumpsuit is totally flattering and the simple monochrome style teamed with the plunging neckline gives this outfit the right mix of class and sex appeal - the perfect look for a few cocktails with the girls, all for just £45!

Besides lusting after the convertible in this shot - I am totally getting on board with the mesh panelling to mix up this black crop top and pencil skirt number. The fishnet panelling is a nod towards the sports luxe trend that is going to be big for the Spring/Summer 2014 season - (which you can also see represented in the fishnet sleeved crop tops in the Nicole x range). Fishnet crop top: £20, Midi Skirt with Fishnet Hem detail: £20.

Cobalt blue is the key colour in this range, featuring across a series of signature styles adding a serious colour injection to the entire collection. Another figure hugging body con dress at £45, with some serious cut out panels will be motivating me to stick with my morning sit up routine (or at least start one...!)

White can be a tricky colour to pull off - especially with my pale skin tone! However, it is the perfect shade as summer approaches, and I am hoping after my early holidays in May, I will have a lovely golden glow to carry me through our British Summer - and this will be the dress to set it off. I also love how the mesh panelling detail accentuates curves to really define the hourglass female shape and at just £35 this is an absolute steal!

Now I'm just faced with the dilemma of which one I buy first...!?

What do you think of the collection? Let me know what your favourite look is I'd love to hear from you!

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