Monday, 18 June 2012

Berkeley Square Lip Balms

"When true lovers meet in Mayfair so the legends tell...and a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square"

My mum recently went to Wales and came back with this little treat for me!

Chapped lips are the bain of my life so I love trying out a new lip balm and this Brand New little set from the Berkeley Square Cosmetics Company is so gentle but really effective. It has a natural base of Beeswax and Sweet Almond Oil so it glides on smoothly with no stickyness or harsh tingling some other lip-balms have. They come in two flavours- Rose Petal and Fig&Cherry. So far I have only tried out Rose Petal but it has come everywhere with me and my lips have been chap free ever since! I sometimes find that after using a lip-balm my lips become more chapped after the initial effects have worn off so I am constantly topping them up and overloading them with balm, however, I only have to apply this a couple of times a day to achieve the desired effect!

I also love the 1920's style packaging which is a unique partnership between The Berkeley Square Cosmetics Company and the Illustrated London News. The illustrations are original designs from four artists from the era whos original work appeared in publications such as The Tatler, and are used by the company to represent different flavours and fragrances of their products.

15g Singles... £3.95
Twinset... £6.95


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