Wednesday, 27 February 2013

H&M A/W 2013 Live Stream

Tonight, I actually found the time to sit down and catch my first show streamed live from an actual fashion week catwalk! Albeit I had to multitask and work on my Uni project at the same time but I suppose multitasking is something us girls do well! Of course, I have been following New York, London and Milan's fashion weeks (what kind of fashion student would I be if I hadn't?!) but there was something really exciting about watching the show live as it happened. It reminded me of when I was little and my mum would have her friends around for a clothes party or a girls night, when I should have been in bed but I would sneak in and sit between them on the couch and even though I shouldn't have been there, no one would tell me to go so I wouldn't, and I felt like I was getting a sneaky peak at something I shouldn't! Well that is how I would describe a live stream, a window into a world that I want to be in but not quite there yet.

The show was of course H&M's fashion week debut in Paris at the Musee Rodin. This was the Swedish brands first time taking to the Fashion week catwalk since 2005, and the best part? The majority of the items featured in the show will be retailing at normal H&M prices some for as little as £9.99! Of course some items, the more statement pieces and expensive materials may carry a slightly heftier price tag- something I am sure devoted H&M lovers will not mind, me being one! What is really interesting is how accessible fashion is becoming now- H&M is just the latest high street brand that has taken to the catwalk during fashion week, following on from Rihanna for River Island and of course leading the way Topshop who have been featuring at London Fashion Week with their Topshop Unique collection.

High street and designer have definitely been integrating with each other for a number of years now, thanks to designer collaborations, something which H&M excels at with previous collaborations including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Anna Dello Russo. This is just another sign that fashion IS affordable!

In regards to the actual show, it looks like monochrome is set to stay, being the main colour scheme featured in the collection. Faux-fur jackets and jumpers were also key along with some tassle detail on dresses, pants and skirts. Knee high boots are clearly the footwear of the season being featured heavily in the show, and I would recommend investing in this as they are both stylish and practical for the A/W 2013 season.

I also noted Cara Delevigne, model of the moment and currently every girls girl-crush, heading down the catwalk in yet another show! You have got to admire this girl for her work-ethic alone, she has literally been popping up everywhere! Watching on from the FROW was actress and Cara Delevigne's fellow Love Magazine cover star Chloe Moretz, who had been invited along by the Swedish brand as a VIP guest- straight from shooting for Vogue, no less! Moretz is certainly becoming a regular on the Fashion scene and will definitely be one to watch when it comes to the style stakes as she gets older!

What stuck out to me, and being completely honest, worried me slightly- is that nothing was surprising in the show. In fact, my first thought at the monochrome colour scheme was, "seen it" as it is already literally everywhere you look on the high street. This is of course great that the fashion we are watching is accessible to us straight away and we know what it is we need for next season and don't have to wait around for it, but at the same time, how long until we're all bored? If everyone is wearing monochrome now, do we all still really want to be wearing it come Autumn/Winter? It begs the question as to whether the fashion industry, already a fast-paced dynamic environment, is going to speed up even more as the instant access to something that previously was a little more difficult to see becomes more wide spread?

Only time will tell, as for now I am going to enjoy being ahead of the trend! 

Key Trend: Monochrome and Faux Fur

Model of the moment: Cara Delevigne

Key Trend: Embroidered Jackets and Knee High Boots

Loving Life!... Can you blame her?!

FROW, Chloe Moretz
(Images taken as screen grabs from the live stream itself, apologies for any blurriness!)

Any thoughts? Let me know! 



Check out the official press film of the event yourselves:

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