Thursday, 28 February 2013

Home Grown: Scouse Honey, Liverpool's Top New Business

Any one who knows me, knows that my all time greatest fear is Bees. Since I was stung at around 5 years old (on two separate occasions!) I have been scarred for life and can't so much as listen to a bee on T.V! It is seriously bad! However, someone that certainly would not agree with me is The Scouse Honey Company- Liverpool's most recent emerging family business! Starting off as a hobby, keeping bees in their backgarden, the family have now expanded to have hives all over Liverpool and have begun to use the honey and beeswax from them to create their own range of beauty products as well as their own honey range! And as today is World Scouse Day, (apparently!), I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share this new Scouse business.

They have slightly nicer views on my arch nemesis stating that,

"Honey bees are the unsung heroes to the sustainability of the food chain. They are the key to the pollination of the agricultural and horticultural crops producing much of the food that we all eat. Their resilience, resourcefulness and endeavour should be an inspiration to us all."
Scouse Honey Co.

Well thats me told! 
I can't deny, even with my irrational fear, that Bees produce some fantastic stuff. The antioxidants in the honey they produce, not only aid in eliminating free radicals in the body but also help the skin to rejuvenate and keep it looking young, as well as providing protection from the sun meaning any products containing the magic ingredient are perfect for dry or damaged skin. They also produce beeswax when building their hives, which is highly used in cosmetics as it is a natural nourishing moisturiser. It helps to keep skin soft and supple, it is anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and contains Vitamin A which aids normal cell development. It is mainly used in lip balms as its long lasting moisturising qualities make it the perfect ingredient!
The Scouse Honey range is quite extensive and impressive for such a new brand, however here are the ones I am coveting:

Lavender Gentle Cleanser- A natural cleanser containing Evian Water, Lavender and Rose Geranium essential oils. £6.50 for 50 ml and muslin cloth (Bargain!)

Body Balm- Natural ingredients including Beeswax, Lavender and arnica essential oils. Not only will this hardworking cream work great on dry skin, it can also double up as a conditioner for the ends of your hair! TIP: Avoid if Pregnant as Arnica oils may raise blood pressure. £5.00 for 50ml

Loofah Soap, Mango- I love Mango so really keen to try this out! Each bar of soap contains poppy seeds which will work great as a natural exfoliator. Also available in Lemon. £3.00 per bar

Natural Radiance Moisturiser- Perfect for all skin types, containing avocado oil, wheatgerm oil , sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils plus added vitamin E. Naturally balancing skin types to produce a radiant glow. I am keen to know what this moisturiser smells like before buying! £6.00 for 30ml

Bath Pamper Pack- This fabulous pack contains relaxing Beeswax candles to set the mood, virtually smokeless and will burn for approximately three hours. The pack also contains Milk and Honey soap containing goats milk powder and the magic honey ingredient! Another bargain at £6.50 for the set

Please note: Delivery charge is extra at £2.99 per item, unless in the Liverpool area were delivery is free and will be refunded on delivery.

All of The Scouse Honey Company's product is hand extracted and basic filtered to maintain its pure potential, as well as maintaining an awareness of the bees health and having minimum interference when they are producing the quality ingredients. 

You can shop Scouse Honey from their newly launched website here: Scouse Honey Co. or follow them on twitter for more updates @ScouseHoneyCo

I for one, am more than happy to buy the product but I will definitely be leaving the beekeeping to the experts! 


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